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Memory Palace: YOLO Object Detection to Locate Objects through Speech Recognition

Winning submisson at Cal Hacks 5.0 (Epson sponsor award). Our team developed a pair of display goggles that helps patients with Alzheimer’s or other visual/mental disabilities in locating their personal belongings. Users verbalize the item they are searching for (typically items from the COCO image dataset), and all objects detected would be highlighted.

DeepObfusCode: Source Code Obfuscation Through Sequence-to-Sequence Networks

The proposed and implemented system provides allows cloud computing companies to execute obfuscated code (non-plaintext source code), and allows clients to obfucate code through a seq2seq-based obfuscation network. Other than the applications of neural network archictectures in source code obfuscation, the paper released also introduces a quantitative framework to evaluate obfuscation methods.

Location Network Fingerprinting: Network Analysis of Franchise Expansion

After aggregating expansion data from sucessful franchises/chains from many industries (including fast food, supermarkets, coffee, …), we developed network analysis algorithms that identified statistically-likely patterns or fingerprints of expansion success. Specifically, we found that certain succesful firms tended to expand in certain ways that consolidated their success. We found the results to be 98% statistically significant, and pitched the system as a service for firms intending to expand within the US but are strategically unsure how.

HAIV: Computational Precision Medicine against HIV Drug Resistance

A mutation prediction algorithm built to map out subsequent mutations of a strain of HIV virus in a person’s bloodstream over n timesteps, and can be further used in optimizing antiretroviral treatment (allocating the right medication at the right time to avoid drug resistance).