Past Hackathon Winnings/Submission

CalHacks 5.0 - Winner (Epson Sponsor Award)

Winning submisson at Cal Hacks 5.0 (Epson sponsor award). Our team developed a pair of display goggles that helps patients with Alzheimer’s or other visual/mental disabilities in locating their personal belongings. Users verbalize the item they are searching for (typically items from the COCO image dataset), and all objects detected would be highlighted.

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SacHacks 2018 - Winner (Smartcar 1st Runnerup, Best First-Time Hack, Best Domain Name, 3rd Overall)

We built a centralized system for cars to use cameras to detect crime and notify authorities. It uses object detection to detect weapons, takes snapshots, sends messages to 911 via Twilio, and updates a dashboard of crime using the cars’ built-in geolocation tagging mechanisms.

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web app demo

AngelHack 2018 - Blockchain Category - Champion

Built complete dAPP on WAVE platform with data transactions and smart contracts for placing sports bets with escrow to manage counterparty risk of betters and bookkeepers.

White paper


HKUST-Radica Big Datathon - 2nd

R-CNN Youtube Fashter Algorithm (Youtube-scraper that analyzes people and objects in video footage to extrapolate fashion trends)
We built a Youtube-scraper to forecast fashion trends, upgrading the big data industry by bringing big data beyond textual data. It scans Key Opinion Leaders in Youtube videos for luxury clothing items, detects pattern of fashion, forecasts fashion trends, and outperforms Zara’s 1-week trend-detection operating model. It was later bided for usage by Fung Group, Godiva, Duty Free HK, Radica , who were all interested in our successful “Trend Engine”.

Cyberport Creative Micro Fund

  • Won HKD 100,000 in under 5 minutes by pitching a startup to a panel of investors at Cyberport

  • Partion (formerly known as ChipIn) - Cyberport Creative Micro Fund I partnered up with a Computer Science graduate and built a startup that decentralizes all items to people of all wealth classes. Any item no matter how luxurious it may be can be accessible and affordable, and it works thanks to ChipIn’s ownership proportion mechanism, which allows people to pay for partial ownership of an item they purchase, rather than carrying the entire upfront burden of cost.

HardUST 2017 - 1st Runner-up



Worked in a team of four to develop a novel system that caters to autonomous vehicles by standardizing a unique design among all vehicles to permit free-flow throughout the system with absolutely no delay. Our team built prototypes to demonstrate how the custom vehicles integrate and flow through the system.

Particular contributions include:

  • Giving the winning pitch to rope in investors/judges

  • Designed and created all the animations for demonstration purposes using Adobe Flash

  • Brainstormed and scrutinized the to-be-built system and mechanisms

  • Sustained the team by bringing hardware materials and food regularly

  • Modelled the two prototypes that we built using 3D modelling software, including Google Sketchup and Blender

  • Specialized in designing and printing the parts needed using 3D printer

Other Hackathons:

  • Access to Justice InnoTech Law Hackathon 2018 - Honorable Mentions : Pitched and justified the development of a dynamic UX integrated application platform for government legal aid

  • Classified Post Hackathon 2018 - Champion : headline recommendation engine for editors of South China Morning Post

  • CityU Hackathon 2018 - Most Innovative Idea & 1st Runnerup : Built an automatic lecture transcription tool that also summarizes and quizzes students based on what was taught.

  • EasyShip 24 Hour E-Commerce Hackathon 2017 - 1st Runner up : Built a revolutionary UX-centric platform to tailor easyship’s UI to the needs of crowdfundees through prediction analytics

  • Hack the Runway 2017 - CHAMPION : Inspiree - we built a platform that autotags fashion images uploaded by users with image classification and NLP, with a dashboard to present interpretable insight video