Side Projects

Youtube Sentiment-based Portfolio Selection and Trading Strategy

The objective of the project is the test whether sentiment of content in Youtube videos would be a sufficiently accurate indicator of future stock success. Results & Source code

Neural Logic Networks

An implementation of Learning Algorithms via Neural Logic Networks to test its feasibility in solving satisfiability problems, performing better decision-tree mechanisms in prediction, and reducing execution time.


“Mental Approximation Processing”


Structural Balance within International Relation Networks

  • Calculated structural balance within network graphs of alliances and rivalries between nations from 1800 to 1945

  • Tested for conflict correlations, correlations to war, network theory consistency, and more

  • Constructed reinforcement learning algorithm for edge weight calculation for multivariate structural balance calculation


AIDS Epidemic Simulation with Adjustment for Decision-making from neural ECoG data

Using brain neural data to model human behavior during the AIDS epidemic and adjust the infection propagation to visualize alternative reality to the AIDS epidemic.