Open-source Contributions

Polysemous Word Tagging Tool

This tool was built while I was an RA for the Language & Children Development Lab at UC Berkeley. Its primary objective was to help researchers tag words from the childes-db database for words with multiple meanings.



Neuroscience library built specifically for parsing, processing, visualizing and analysis (regressions, statistical methods) of neuro-data (currently supporting ECoG data).

This library was built to facilitate analysis of ECoG signal data of epilepsy patients,

Library (no longer in development) Analysis done with the library Poster of the project on UC Berkeley’s Data-X site

HKUST Empty Classroom Finder

Find an Empty Classroom in HKUST

A web application that helps students find empty classrooms for studying

  • scraped / parsed the HKUST schedule for all classes
  • processed data to obtain classrooms not being used in all possible time frames
  • presented the output in table site