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Dean’s List (2017-18, 2018-19, 2019-20) honor dateJun 2020 honor issuerHKUST

H2 Innovation Challenge - Second Runner-Up honor dateMay 2020 honor issuerHumansa, Eureka Nova and New World Development

Tin Ka Ping Scholarship (Innovation & Creativity) honor dateApr 2020 honor issuerHKUST

Marshall International Case Competition (Top 8) honor dateFeb 2020 honor issuerUniversity of Southern California

HKUST Bizkathon - 1st runner-up honor dateNov 2019 honor issuerHKUST

Li Ka Shing Foundation Scholarship for Innovation and Creativity honor dateApr 2019 honor issuerHKUST

CalHacks 5.0 - Winner (Epson Sponsor Award) honor dateNov 2018 honor issuerUniversity of California Berkeley CalHacks Organizing Team, Epson

SacHacks 2018 - Winner (Smartcar 1st Runnerup, Best First-Time Hack, Best Domain Name, 3rd Overall) honor dateNov 2018 honor issuerMajor League Hacking

Access to Justice InnoTech Law Hackathon 2018 - Honorable Mentions honor dateApr 2018

CityU Hackathon 2018 - Most Innovative Idea & 1st Runnerup honor dateJan 2018 honor issuerCityU

HKUST-Radica Big Datathon - 2nd honor dateDec 2017 honor issuerHKUST / Radica Systems

Cyberport Creative Micro Fund honor dateNov 2017 honor issuerCyberport

EasyShip 24 Hour E-Commerce Hackathon 2017 - 1st Runner up honor dateAug 2017 honor issuerEasyShip

Hack the Runway 2017 - CHAMPION honor dateAug 2017 honor issuerFung Group Limited

Br Bernard Guellec Memorial Prize for French honor dateNov 2016 honor issuerLa Salle College

HardUST 2017 - 1st Runner-up honor dateApr 2017 honor issuerThe Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

University Entrance Scholarship honor dateSep 2016 honor issuerThe Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Harmony Scholarship (2016) honor dateAug 2016 honor issuerHome Affairs Department of HKSAR

Fortune Pharmacal Scholarship honor dateOct 2015 honor issuerHong Kong Unison / Fortune Pharmacal

Good Lasallian Award Scholarship honor dateJul 2015 honor issuerLa Salle College

Harmony Scholarship (2010) honor dateSep 2010 honor issuerHome Affairs Department of HKSAR

Br Felix Sheehan Memorial Prize for English honor issuerLa Salle College

French Subject Prize (2011-2015) honor issuerLa Salle College

GRE Taken on Oct 2019Oct 2019 167/170

Diplôme d’études en langue française (DELF) - niveau B2 Taken on May 2016May 2016 70.5/100

Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination Taken on Apr 2016Apr 2016 32/35

National Admissions Test for Law Taken on Jan 2016Jan 2016 26/42

Description*average for the year was 23/42

IELTS Taken on Oct 2015Oct 2015 8/9

Diplôme d’études en langue française (DELF) - niveau B1 Taken on Jun 2015Jun 2015 81/100

GCSE Chinese Taken on Jun 2014Jun 2014 A*

Diplôme d’études en langue française (DELF) - niveau A2 Taken on May 2014May 2014 89/100

Diplôme d’études en langue française (DELF) - niveau A1 Taken on Jun 2013Jun 2013 93/100

QP Case Analysis Competition 2016 Sep 2016 – Nov 2016

Project description- Covered a case about a dairy company interested in raising profits, and dealing with an ethical conduct issue.

  • Provided various means to enhance revenue generation through outsourcing dairy production, conducting M&As and strategic partnerships with personally-selected companies, etc.
  • Scoured through the CPA Code of Conduct to detail the ethical misdoings.

Deloitte Club uShine Case Challenge 2016 Sep 2016 – Nov 2016

Project description- Worked on a case about an internet-TV provider would like to expand its outreach, generate greater revenue, and protect its content against piracy.

  • Analyzed and provided measures to strengthen marketing campaign, and extend presence in foreign markets.
  • Consulted Computer Science professionals on their suggestions to combat such piracy. (UBS Technology & Operations 2017 case competition) Jun 2017 – Jul 2017

Project descriptionA proposal to aid the operation of UBS in terms of maintaining accurate P&L by using blockchain technology to maintain transparent communication within the bank, capture first-hand trade details from traders, perform trade settlement within the platform, etc.

The idea is validated by the fact that several large corporations have begun to invest in the notion of blockchain transparency.

“Dancing with the Pizza” - AR Food Music Synthesis Apr 2019

Project descriptionBuilt an AR system where people can see highlights over their food, and tapping their food will produce a certain instrumental sound to synthesize music (including guitar chords, piano on different scales, and drums); executed on Mixed Reality lens with object detection

Demo 1: Demo 2:

See project “Dancing with the Pizza” - AR Food Music Synthesis

HKUST Empty Classroom Finder Mar 2019

Project descriptionA web application that helps students find empty classrooms for studying

  • scraped / parsed the HKUST schedule for all classes
  • processed data to obtain classrooms not being used in all possible time frames
  • presented the output in table site

source code:

Neurocogpy Aug 2018 – Jan 2019

Project descriptionNeuroscience library built specifically for parsing, processing, visualizing and analysis (regressions, statistical methods) of neuro-data (currently supporting ECoG data).

Location Network Fingerprinting Sep 2018 – Dec 2018

Project descriptionOur team found expansion patterns in successful chains/franchises, and can use these “fingerprints” to deduce optimal growth plans for existing franchises/chains.

See project Location Network Fingerprinting

Quantitative Trading Decal - Youtube Sentiment-based Portfolio Selection and Trading Strategy Sep 2018 – Dec 2018

See project Quantitative Trading Decal - Youtube Sentiment-based Portfolio Selection and Trading Strategy

Quantitative Decision-making Analysis using Neural Data Sep 2018 – Jan 2019

Project descriptionReport on the Berkeley Data-X homepage:

Structural Balance within International Relation Networks Oct 2018 – Dec 2018

Project description* Calculated structural balance within network graphs of alliances and rivalries between nations from 1800 to 1945

  • Tested for conflict correlations, correlations to war, network theory consistency, and more
  • Constructed reinforcement learning algorithm for edge weight calculation for multivariate structural balance calculation

Project URL / Document Link to be uploaded later

AIDS Epidemic Simulation with Adjustment for Decision-making from neural ECoG data Oct 2018

Project descriptionUsing brain neural data to model human behavior during the AIDS epidemic and adjust the infection propagation to visualize alternative reality to the AIDS epidemic.

See project AIDS Epidemic Simulation with Adjustment for Decision-making from neural ECoG dataSee project

Ethnic Minority Sentiment Tracker Jul 2018

Project descriptionTracks sentiment of Hong Kong citizens who comment on newspaper articles related to ethnic minorities on any given day. See project Ethnic Minority Sentiment TrackerSee project

Fish Pricing Valuation Model Jan 2018

Project descriptionI constructed a product that helps poor and uneducated fisherman figure out how much worth is the fish they catch. It takes into account the species of fish caught, the weight-length parameters of the fish, the type of fishing method used (cost structure of the fishing operations), and almost 100 other variables. See project Fish Pricing Valuation ModelSee project

ChipIn May 2017 – Dec 2017

Project descriptionChipIn is a crowdsharing platform for users to lower their cost of purchase of an asset, while mitigating risk and shifting ownership.

Cyberport has invested in the startup idea, and the team is being sent to Stanford Graduate Business School to hone the platform and business model.

Fondre Feb 2017 – Oct 2017

Project descriptionFondre is a platform under development to connect people of different skillsets